"We help you to bridge emerging technologies with new organizational structures and management paradigms to successfully navigate your organization in the 21st century. Our aim is to enable you to generate higher positive impact in the world by becoming a flexible, adoptive, technology driven and people empowered organization"

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Exponential trainings allow us to equip you with the right mindset and tools to stay successful in the 21st century.

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Exponential Sprints enable you to jump two years ahead in only 10 weeks. Build new business models and embrace new technologies!

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Switch from linear to exponential & sustainable growth by embracing abundance, new organisational models and the 11 ExO Attributes.

Exponential Survey


Are you interested in finding out how well your organization is prepared for the fast-changing world? The ExO Survey allows you to find out how scalable your organization currently is and how well you are already leveraging attributes like staff on-demand, community & crowd, algorithms, leveraged assets, engagement, interfaces, dashboards, experimentation, autonomy, social technologies, and a massive transformative purpose. We are happy to help you to interpret the results.

What are Exponential Organizations?

Linear vs. Exponential



"Once any domain, discipline, technology or industry becomes information-enabled and powered by information flows, its price/performance begins doubling approximately annually." (Ray Kurzweil)


The graph illustrates the typical development of an exponential growing technology. In the beginning we experience disappointment, as the technology is not able to deliver on its' expectations. But once this disappointment phase is overcome we reach a phase of amazement and chaos.


Right now we are at the tipping point from disappointment to amazement with many emerging technologies. This requires companies to act now if they want to be ahead of their competitors. But it does not only mean to consider leveraging emerging technologies in their current business models. It also requires companies to reinvent their business models and their organizational structure to be able to scale as fast as technology - at an exponential rate.


This is achieved by transforming your organization to an exponential organization. An exponential organization is an organization driven by a massive transformative purpose. It is leveraging emerging technologies as well as 11 new organizational attributes to generate 10x the impact as their peers. The attributes allow the organization to scale fast, stay flexible, and manage the exponential growth internally.