Exponential Consulting

Many organizations are built for a linear, robust, and stable world. This means they are hierarchical, centralized, closed, top down and focusing on ownership due to scarcity of people, resources, assets and platforms. This worked very well in the past. However, in a volatile, complex, uncertain and ambigious world like today, this does not work anymore.


Our environment is changing rapidly. New emerging technologies, digitization and the resulting networks and connectivity are often the driver for this exponential change. The world is becoming more open and transparent, and resources that used to be scarce are slowly becoming abundant.


This development allows companies to find new opportunities to scale, that have not been possible until now. Suddenly we can access an abundance of people, an abundance of devices, or an abundance of information, to scale quicker and more sustainably than ever before.


Scaling-up Exponentially


We will work with you to identify your unique opportunities to scale that fit your current situation the best. Whether you would like to focus on one single attribute like community & crowd, or if you would like to fully embrace becoming an exponential organization and start to implement several attributes, we support you during the entire journey.

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