Awake Session

If we want to become pioneers in our line of business we have to understand the changes ahead of us. This one-hour session will open-up your mind to the technological and business model changes ahead of us and how these changes will influence businesses and society.

The way we do business is changing drastically. Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Drones, Robotics, Solar Energy, and many more will soon affect any industry. Leveraging these technologies will be a key for businesses to stay competitive in the next decade. But it is not merley the technologies that are disrupting entire industries. With these technologies companies and business leaders are required to change their organizational structure in order to become more flexible and adoptable. This is necessary to stay successful in the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business world.


What is an Awake Session?


The Awake Session is a one-hour session aimed at opening-up the mind to emerging technologies and the organizational change lying ahead of us. Participants will understand the necessary shift from a linear to an exponential mindset to keep up with and benefit from emerging technologies. They will understand how different technologies impact various industries,  identify possible threats and opportunities, learn about the ExO Canvas and methodologies, and how business models of the future are able to achieve an exponential growth rate.


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