The ExO Sprint Methodolgy

We believe sustainable disruption must become tangible and feasible for businesses in this current time of fast change and constant fear to fall behind. The ExO Sprint enables you to build an Exponential Organization and allows you to jump two years ahead in only 10 weeks.


The program empowers participants to come up with, transform, or invent business models for the future. This includes opening up to emerging technologies, working with the ExO Canvas and its 11 attributes for exponential growth, applying design thinking and lean concepts, and coming up with an investement ready project within 10 weeks.  The ExO Sprint is valuable for beginning entrepreneurs, for start-ups, and for established companies or institutions.


Next to an investment ready project the ExO Sprint will trigger a positive cultural change. Sprint participants learn innovative forward thinking, collaboration, and visionary thinking. They will understand the power of experimentation and idea sharing to bring innovation to the next level.


You will be coached through the entire process by a certified ExO Sprint Coach and ExO Consultant. This ensures a flawless execution of the ExO Sprint methodolgy as well as getting the most value out of the 10 week program. On top of that, the Exo Coach and ExO Consultant will provide you with valuable insights, ask critical questions, and support you during the entire process. Through our partnership with openexo, ExO Sprint participants are able to access more than 3,000 innovators, investors, and experts around the world to provide valuable insights.


The ExO Sprint methodolgy is a provent concept applied by various leading organisations like HP, Unilever, VISA, etc. If you would like to read more about the importance of an ExO Sprint and the different steps, please have a look at the following article on the openexo blog.  If you would like to receive additional information about the use cases, please contact us below through the contact form.

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