Exponential Trainings

Exponential trainings enable us to teach proven recipes and ingredients for disruptive innovation and equip you and your employees with the right mindset and tools to stay successful in the 21st century.

Leadership Mindset Training

"Any business that is designed to succeed in the 20th century is doomed to fail in the 21st century" (David S. Rose) Many operations and concepts have done an excellent job over the past decades. But in today's digital and rapidly changing world, many of them are outdated. Companies, and especially their executives and leadership, must adapt their mindset to remain successful in the 21st century. Especially important for the success in the future is the technology mindset, the purpose-driven mindset, the people empowerment mindset, and the experimentation mindset.

Awake Sessions

Emerging technologies and new business models are shaping the 21st century. If we want to become pioneers in our line of business we have to understand the changes ahead of us.

Massive Transformative Purpose Workshop

A purpose is the answer to the question of why. Companies that clearly understand their desired impact on the world, communicate it to all stakeholders and align their strategic decisions accordingly will benefit significantly from higher motivated employees, higher revenues, a clear focus, and new opportunities to innovate and grow.

Exponential Workshops

Through our Exponential Workshops you will learn how to drive disruptive innovations and conceptualize business models of the future. Exponential Workshops help you to actively shape the future as a pioneer.