Purpose driven organizations

Recent studies show that purpose driven companies outperform their competitors significantly.  Employees are more than twice as productive in purpose driven companies. In the long run, purpose driven organisations generate higher revenues. And, in terms of brand engagement, purpose driven entities outperform traditional companies remarkably.

With our purpose trainings we help you to:


  • discover your massive transformative purpose (MTP)
  • discover how you can make use of the MTP to scale and increase your performance
  • make use of the MTP as a northstar and guide your strategic planning
  • align your OKR's with your MTP and become a focused organization
  • communicate your purpose to your employees and stakeholders
  • focus on the positive impact you would like to generate in the world

What is a massive transformative purpse? Massive refers to a global scope or to the potential of becoming global in the future. Transformative is about a global change for the better, achieved by the MTP. And the purpose is the answer to the question of why. The MTP is the north star of the organization and it serves guidance in tough times. It is something truly inspirational that encourages other people to get involved. It is not a marketing slogan and it does not state how the organization wants to achieve its purpose. Thus, it enables the organizations to stay flexible and adapt their approaches in our fast-changing environment.

Becoming a purpose driven company allows companies to attract and keep the right people who share the same aspirations. Moreover, as it is not internal but external oriented, it enables companies to find, and connect with existing communities & crowds that share the same purpose. Sharing your MTP with the world allows you to attract early members and engage with them. It inspires others to join your cause to achieve a positive impact on the world. It also enables you to tap in already existing communities who share your purpose and start to think in eco-systems instead of closed systems. As Simon Simeks says, people resonate with the Why, not so much with the What and How. So start with the why and transform the world for the better.

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