Exponential Workshops

We want everyone to be able to lead sustainable disruption, whether you are an entrepreneur, and intrapreneur, or an organization. Exponential workshops allow us to share proven recipes and ingredients for disruptive innovation and to constantly learn from each other.


In the workshops we will discuss how to build Exponential Organiations that form around a massive transformative purpose and strive to transform the world. This entails considering the value of emerging technolgies, rethinking organisational growth models, and leveraging attributes like community & crowd, engagement, algorithms, staff on demand, leveraged assets, experimentation, social technologies, interfaces, dashboards, and autonomy.


In the workshop participants will learn:


  • How emerging technologies are disrupting industries and societies.
  • What is necessary for start-ups and companies to future proof themselves and experience exponential growth.
  • How to apply the Exponential Organisation Framework to 10x your impact and growth.
  • How to include and work with the ExO attributes in their existing organizations or when starting a new business


If you are interested in exploring specific ExO attributes in more detail, we offer workshops focused entirely on one specific attritube as well.


The workshops will shift the participants' mindset to an innovative and exponential thinking one. Partcipants will broaden their horizon and will work on buidling business ideas able to generate 10x the impact of traditional organizations.

Have a look at our upcoming events to find public workshops held close to your location or to simply join them online from the comfort of your home!

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