Leadership Mindset Trainings

“Any company designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st” (David S. Rose). Many operations and concepts worked well in the last decades. But in the digital world of today, many of those are outdated. Companies and especially their leaders must shift their mindset from 20th-century thinking to become 21st-century thinkers in order to stay future proof. Without the right mindset, companies and their leadership stay imprisoned in old and outdated habits. Building a future proof company, therefore, starts with a transformation of the underlying mindset.


In our trainings we help leaders to build and enhance the following mindsets:


The technology-driven mindset


The technology mindset is not necessarily about having programming or engineering skills. It is about including technological changes in your strategic planning and thinking “technological” whenever you try to improve your business. 


A purpose-driven mindset


A purpose-driven mindset is about understanding that we humans like to do meaningful tasks. It is about understanding that bringing people together for a common cause, because we all share the identified why, has immense effects on engagement, satisfaction, productivity levels, and motivation. The purpose-driven mindset is about understanding that the why matters more than you might think and incorporating it in your thinking.


A people empowerment mindset


The people empowerment mindset is about developing trust and letting go. Leaders have to understand that their role is not to rise and shine anymore, but to empower and serve. 


An experimentation mindset


The experimentation mindset is about understanding the need and value of experimentation and incorporating this mindset into your leadership activities. The experimentation mindset allows leaders and organizations to realize the benefits of the technology-, people- empowerment, and purpose mindset. It enables you to design innovations that generate a positive impact in the world through the passion and collaboration of people and the capabilities of emerging technologies.

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