How we aim to achieve our purpose

Inspired and supported by the openexo movement of more than 5,000 innovators, consultants, and emerging technolgy enthusiasts, we are striving to make sustainable disruption possible by:


  • enabling business students and upcoming entrepeneurs all around the world to gain an exponential mindset. Empowering them to come up with and to follow through with new business models that change the world for the better.
  • enabling start-ups to identify their massive transformative purpose - their why - and use innovative attributes like staff on demand, leveraged assets, community & crowd, engagement, and algorithms, to scale fast AND sustainably.
  • enabling companies to become sucessful in the VUCA world by finding a clear massive transformative purpose and forming a flexible, adaptive, and scalable organisation. This entails rethinking existing business models, leveraging emerging technologies, and running sprints to jump ahead two years in just 10 weeks.
  • building an open-innovation network with universities, start-ups, companies, and institutions to find innovative, disruptive, and sustainable solutions for the biggest challenges in the world.


Emerging technologies have an impact on all businesses around the world. On top of that, thanks to the ongoing digitization, new opportunities to scale and to manage the growth arise. It lies in the hand of any individual, any entrepreneur or intrapreneur, to seize the moment and sustainbly disrupt entire industries, the society, and ultimately change the world for the better!



Founder of Inndisus

In recent years, Simon Nopp has increasingly focused on topics of digitalization, innovation, and business model transformation. His purpose is to empower everyone to sustainably disrupt the world. Simon Nopp is a certified Exponential Organisation Consultant with experience in project management, entrepreneurship, purchasing and sales, and management consulting. He also holds a Bachelor degree in Business & Management and is currently studying Management, Communication & IT at the Management Center Innsbruck alongside his professional activities.  He is also working at the PDA Group in Innsbruck as Business Consultant and Project Manager.