Why companies should start to think about building and leveraging communities

Lange Zeit war die Beziehung zwischen Unternehmen und Nutzern eine einfache transaktionale Beziehung, ohne einen übergeordneten Sinn - Dienstleistungen oder Produkte anzubieten und dafür Geld zu erhalten. Es gab selten ein Gefühl von Gemeinschaft und Zugehörigkeit. Aber in der heutigen, sich schnell verändernden und vernetzten Welt, schränkt diese einfache Beziehung die Unternehmen in ihrem Streben nach Wachstum und Wirkung ein.

The leadership mindset of the 21st century

Is there something like the ledership mindset of the 21st century? Often we talk about necessary skills for the future but we forget about the pre-requisite for developing the necessary skills - a change in mindset. To future proof yourself and your business especially leaders have to adopt their mindsets to the new environment. What mindset is imperative to have in todays world and why?

Die (un)deutliche Verbindung zwischen Purpose, Gewinnmaximierung und der Lösung globaler Herausforderungen

Während Unternehmen darum kämpfen, ihre Geschäftsmodelle neu zu erfinden und ihre Gewinne zu maximieren, stehen wir vor mehreren globalen Herausforderungen, die unsere Beachtung erfordern. Wie können diese Themen in Einklang gebracht werden?

The value of having a purpose

What is the value of knowing your or your company’s purpose? A purpose helps us to reach our full potential and sets us on the path of self-fulfillment. For companies, a massive transformative purpose allows to connect with the outside of the organization, connect with communities & crowds, inspire others and attract the right people for the organization, and ultimately to change the world for the better. Check out my article to learn more and get some tips on how to identify your purpose!

On the path to true innovation -

breaking traditional thinking concepts

Innovation is a buzz word omnipresent in today’s world. Companies strive for achieving the next innovative breakthrough in their field of business. And students and start-ups are working on finding business models of the future. Yet, true innovation is something rare. It is associated with high risk, uncertainty and high failure rates. What is holding us back to become truly innovative?

Engage with your community through gamification

Is your company already using gamification to engage with their customers, community, and crowd? Gamification is receiving increased interest from companies to engage with their communities and customers. What are the key elements of games that lead to such high engagement from players and what are some considerations for companies before implementing gamification?

Communities and its value for companies and society

Does your company leverage exisiting communities or is it building its own? The concept of communities is nothing new to mankind and accompanied us throughout history. Nowadays, communities can bring huge benefits for businesses, the people involved, and society. It allows companies to collaborate with the collective minds of thousands to generate a positive impact. And individuals are able to activiely contribute to changes they want to see on this world. In the article I discuss the benefits of communities for companies, illustrate some examples, and elaborate on the importance of having a Massive Transformative Purpose, fostering engagement, and nurturing the community.